Accounting & Payroll

 Consultancy regarding the optimal organization of the accountancy in the company


 Consultancy and preparation of individual chart of accounts depending on the specifics of the business


 Consultancy, assistance and representation in registration/deregistration as per the Value Added Tax Act (VATA)


 Complete operational accounting services as per the Accountancy Act (AA) and the applicable accounting standards


 Preparation and submission of declarations, inquiries etc. to the National Revenue Angency (NRA), Bulgarian National Bank (BNB), National Social Security Institute (NSSI), EA General Labour Inspectorate (GLI), Agency Customs (AC) etc.


 Preparation of regular reports and inquiries to the management of the company


 Complete annual close of accounts, incl. preparation and submission of annual financial statement (AFS), annual corporate tax return (CITR) and annual activity report (AAR)


 Assistance and representation in case of auditing of the annual financial statement (AFS) by an auditor


 Consultancy, assistance and representation in case of tax checks and audits


 Payroll of salaries and social contributions of the staff


 Professional opinions on specific accounting and social insurance cases