Lyubomir Doychev graduated Academy InvestPro

We are happy to announce that our founder and managing partner Lyubomir Doychev graduated with honours the first in Bulgaria professional program in investments and personal finances InvestPro. The certification program includes actual topics such as macroeconomics, microeconomics, investments in real estate, investments in stocks, investments in gold, silver and other precious metals, investments in cryptocurrencies, investments in collective investment funds, building of personal financial plan. Lecturers in the program are prominent Bulgarian specialists and practitioners such as Stoyan Panchev, Stoyne Vasilev, Dimitar Hristov, Georgi Georgiev and Blagovest Belev. This is the next step in upgrading our expertise in the filed of smart and proper management of personal finances from which will benefit our individual clients, entrepreneurs, private investors and freelancers who we serve and consult.