Company mission

Doychev & Partners EOOD is a Bulgarian company established in 2008 as a replica and alternative of the widely spread way of doing business and relationship between people where the only important thing for the companies are their annual targets and shareholders profit, where the companies do not value their employees and exploit them, where the employees in turn do not love what they do but just go to work for a salary and where the clients are seen only as a source of income without any idea whether the common work adds real value to their business.

Doychev & Partners EOOD is a different, nonconventional, boutique consultancy company which works with limited range of selected prime clients each one of which adds real value and changes the society and the world we live. We work and promote completely new personal and partner approach in people relationship. Our most valuable asset are our employees who are the basis for our success. Our main distinctive characteristics are: We love what we do, We have profound professional knowledge and experience, We can structure and present the things simply, We work precisely, We deliver our services fast, We feel the details and We apply fair pricing.